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Immigration Bonds

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The two most common types of immigration bonds are:

  • Delivery Bond
    An alien that is arrested by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and issued a Warrant of Arrest (Form I-205) and a Notice of Custody Conditions (Form I-286) may be eligible for a delivery bond. The amount of a delivery bond should be sufficient to ensure that the alien will appear for any future immigration proceedings.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond
    An alien who is allowed to depart the country voluntarily after being placed in removal proceedings (or in lieu of such proceedings) has been granted Voluntary Departure. The Immigration Judge may, and, in some cases, must, require that someone post a bond in an amount that will ensure that the alien departs the United States within the time specified.

Prior to your initial call regarding an immigration bond you will need to have some information ready.  Obtaining an immigration bond is not difficult, the following information should be available when calling the immigration bond specialist:

  • Alien’s Name
  • Alien’s Registration Number
  • Bond Amount
  • Name of the facility where the alien is being held, if known
  • Alien’s date of birth
  • Alien’s country of birth
  • Alien’s home address
  • Name of the person who will be paying for the immigration bond
  • Valid address for the person posting the immigration bond
  • Valid Social Security Number for the person posting the bond
  • Valid land line phone number and cell number for the person posting the bond
  • The following are acceptable forms of identification:
    • Permanent Resident Card,
    • Valid passport with appropriate stamps,
    • Current valid driver’s license,
    • Or a current and valid state identification with proof of immigration status