10% Deposit bail a failed system 2

Overall, about 1 in 13 released felony
Defendants had failed to appear in court as
scheduled and were still fugitives at the end of the
year-long study. The percentage of defendants who
were fugitives at the end of the study was higher
when the method of release was unsecured bond
(19%) or emergency release (13%) than when some
other type of release was used.
About a third of the defendants for whom a bench
warrant was issued were returned to the court
within 1 month of their failure to appear, and about
half had been returned after 3 months. At the end
of the 1-year study period, about two-thirds of all
defendants who had failed to appear had been
returned to the court.* The remaining third were
still fugitives.
Among those defendants who failed to appear, the
percentages who were still fugitives at the end of
the study was highest for those who had been
Released on unsecured bond (44%).
Time from release to Percent of
Failure to appear defendant
1 week 14%
1 month 34
3 months 51
6 months 59
1 year 68
Median 29 days
Not returned within 1 year 32%
Surety Bond 6,611 91 9 6 3
Deposit Bond 2,275 84 16 14 3